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The history of wood industry in the region of Slavonia starts in 19th century. There are documents, which prove that a lot of smaller, individual carpenters are active in the business. First one to open a factory and to start with production of bigger quantities was Rudolf Kaiser in 1865. His associate, Josip Povischil, separated from him in 1884 and started his own factory. Partnership of Kaiser and Povischil followed this in 1894 and it lasted until 1905 when they split again. Following these events, Povischil starts a company that will later become Mobilia.

Povischil’s company starts to develop relatively fast after splitting from Kaiser. They are expanding the production and they introduce many technical innovations, which are very progressive for the time segment of early 20th century. Company takes part in fairs, displays its exhibits and increasing its export activities. Business connections reach almost all continents and company reaches status of one of the strongest in Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Josip Povischil died in 1938 and his company was moved into the ownership of the state of Yugoslavia, soon after the end of World War II. Company also changes name to Mobilia at this time. Soon afterwards, development and modernisation continue. Company continue to follow trends and requests of the market, making its market position and business results better.


During 1990s company adjusted to global changes and continues development of its business and tradition, which is more than 125 years old.